Biker | Babes | Dudes

Biker culture refers to motorcycle clubs (groups of individuals whose primary interest and activities involve motorcycles) and outlaw motorcycle clubs (also called one percenter clubs or motorcycle gangs). In the broadest sense this American subculture includes anyone who owns a bike, rides a bike or just likes how they look and sound.

All these motorcycle enthusiasts frequent biker rallies and similar events, or just congregate around biker bars. Many Biker Babes and Dudes belong to biker clubs whose ideals celebrate freedom, non-conformity and loyalty.

Safety clothing is essential so helmets, leather jackets, vests, chaps and boots are prevalent – and of course the colorful bandanas, club badges and t-shirts add to the biker image. “Glory Days” is a portrait of an iconic Biker Dude on his Harley.

Women riders make up just about 30% of the motorcycle riders on the road today. They start off as passengers (the iconic Biker Babe or Biker Chick) but often end up riding their own bikes. The “Artist Self Portrait” depicts a woman, comfortable and at ease on her own bike.

“Harley Babe” looks cool in her red leather jacket, black leather vest and denims and “Don’t mess with me” is the message from “Babes”, in their cool shades and biker gear.

Bikers of all races, classes, sexes, and ages lust for freedom of the highway. “Live to Ride, Ride to Live” – that just about sums up the biker lifestyle.