American Cars

The American Cars industry began in the 1890s and, as a result of the size of the domestic market and the use of mass-production, rapidly evolved into the largest in the world.

From 1900 to 1925 there were 3,000 automobile start-up companies in the US but by the end of the 1920s the industry was dominated by three large companies – General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.

During the 1930’s the “three P’s” of American motordom royalty (Packard, Peerless and Pierce-Arrow) produced high-priced luxury automobiles in competition with Cadillac, Lincoln and other top tier car manufacturers.

Cars have become an object of obsession for so many Americans ranging from the novice at age 16 to the seasoned enthusiast at age 65. Cars offer something for everybody – luxury cars like Cadillac, Lincoln and Tesla, and the loud, powerful ones like the Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang and Shelby Cobra.

The car has had a significant effect on the culture of the US. Cars have been incorporated into artworks, music, books and also have an important cultural role in cinema. Lead characters were often seen on scene with powerful automobiles, which through time, have become cultural icons.
Many car enthusiasts also modify their cars – known as Hot Rods or Street Rods – to achieve performance improvements or visual enhancements.

Car enthusiasts from all over the US gather to drive and display their cars at motorsport events (both professional and amateur), local car clubs and rallies. Many prestigious social events in the US today feed our passion for cars – notable examples are the Pebble Beach and Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance classic car shows.

Pre-war luxury cars such as Auburn, Duesenberg, Cord and Pierce-Arrow are showcased at these Concours d’Elegance events across the country. Appreciated for their aesthetic and historic value these cars command extraordinary high prices at auction.
Also in great demand by collectors are post-war classic cars such the Buick Skylark, Cadillac El Dorado, Chevrolet Bel Air and Ford Thunderbird.